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Push Up Pro


If you are looking for the
answer to toning up your upper body and arms, the you have probably come across the Push up Pro and may even be looking to buy one.

Nobody likes the look of untoned flabby arms (or bingo wings) so a cheap way of burning off that fat sounds like a good idea!

The Push Up Pro was designed by Jack Zatorski who held the world record of 133 push ups in one minute. This is a great feat, but does it mean that the Push Up Pro is actually any good at making flabby arms toned?

I am a personal trainer and gym owner, so I put these pieces of plastic to the test. Here is what I found.


Push Up Pro comes with a guide to show you how to use it, with beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. As a gym instructor I found nothing new in any of the moves. You basically hold onto the handles and do a push up. Nothing new, so why spend the money?

The push Up Pro movement is no different from a normal push-up movement, however by holding onto the handles, there is less pressure on your wrists and more muscles are used because you are slightly off balance.

Will the Push Up Pro Remove Fat From My Flabby Arms?

Honest answer? No.

Our muscles are covered in a layer of fat. Some people have more fat on different parts of the body than others. Women tend to store fat in their arms, so if your arms are flabby, don't worry, you are not alone!

In order to reduce the fat on your arms and back, you need to reduce overall body fat. This requires a specific diet and an all over fat buring exercise program. If you use the Push Up Pro, you could well be toning your muscles under the fat - but you won't see the muscles until you've burnt the fat from your arms.

Sadly, the body does not choose where it burns the fat from, and specific area muscle use does not determine where the fat will come off.

In other words, the calories expended using the Push Up Pro may well burn fat of your butt, but not necessarily your arms. Sorry!

Push Up Pro Scam

I've seen it in action by testing it on my clients. Because the wheels are light weight, unless you have them correctly placed and have a balanced weight on them, they are
irritating because they move. This hinders your workout and defeats the purpose of having them as a guide for correct placement of your hands.

Basically, you don't need to buy the Push Up Pro to do effective push-ups. Just ensure that you place your hands directly under your shoulders and watch yourself in a mirror to see that you bring yourself as low as possible without arching your back.

If you have a set of free weights, place your hands on top of the weights to ensure your hands do not move about.

Keep your money in the bank!