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Most Successful Diets

Most Successful Diets

As a dietician, I know how many diets are out there, and also
how many diets actually work with long lasting results. Fad diets such as the Yoplait Diet, Hollywood Cookie Diet or the ABC diet, can only seriously be done for a short time (due to boredom and bad nutrition), and they will not keep weight off forever.

The most successful diets are those which teach lifestyle changes while giving fast results.

Most Successful Diets For Women

most successful diets for women are those which forget the old style calorie counting and focus on grouping foods based on your metabolic type.

As humans, we all use and metabolize food differently and too often, people are overweight JUST because they are eating the right amounts of the wrong type of food. This is why calorie counting alone does not get results.

There are three metabolic types; Protein Types, Carbohydrate Types and a combination of the two. By taking a simple questionnaire you can determine your metabolic type and start eating according to it. If you are a Protein Type - don't worry you aren't expected to do the Atkins diet, and Carb types aren't expected to do the Special K Diet!

No matter what metabolic type you are, you need to eat a mixed amount of protein, carbohydrate and fats. It is the portion sizes and combinations of each type of food which will speed up your metabolism and start burning off unwanted fat. One of the best diets that work fast for women and which uses metabolic typing is diet guru Isabel De Los Rios book, Diet Solution. Check it out here.

Most Successful Diets For Men

As with women, the
most successful diet plans for men that I have used with my clients are those which involve eating according to metabolic type. However, diet alone will not bring back the six pack abs of your teenage years.

Changing your diet means also changing your lifestyle. Diet plans for men will not work without an exercise regime specifically designed to burn fat fast and with a diet rich in unprocessed natural foods.

One of the most successful diets for men that I have seen has been written by fitness and diet expert Mike Geary. Not only does his book educate men about diets for quick weight loss, it also incorporates a massive section with photos and full instructions about exercises which burn fat faster than any other exercises. Check out more details about Mike Geary and his book 'Truth About Abs' here.

Most Successful Diets Plans

Aside from metabolic typing as I have mentioned above, the most successful diet plans are those which work to heal your body.
Our bodies are exposed to a cocktail of chemicals every day and our livers are working overtime to try to process the hundreds of food additives consumed daily.

The most successful diets plans are not those which encourage you to eat even more additives! The Hollywood Cookie diet and its claim that eating cookies all day is fine will only mess up your metabolism and put pressure on your body.

The same for the Yoplait Diet. A diet complimented with healthy yogurt sounds great, but the fruits in the yogurt contain dangerous sulphates which can cause allergic reactions in some, and which are just not good for you.

Don't be fooled by fad diets which you cannot keep up forever. The most successful diet plans for quick weight loss will teach you how to eat nourishing food, how to exercise to burn fat faster and will offer you ongoing support.

Check out the Top 10 diets below (updated monthly)..