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Diet Plans For Women

To Lose Weight

Welcome. This page is all about the
best diet plans for women to lose weight. The diets listed here are all approved and certified and are proven to work consistently for a large range of people. New diets are coming and going constantly and we review the best new diets for quick weight loss as they they come along.

To Lose Weight Faster

Not all diet plans are created equal. It's important to recognize that the best diets to lose weight fast are generally not going to be something which you can stick to indefinitely.

These types of plans generally involve a drastic drop in caloric intake during the initial stage of the plan, however the best diet plans to lose weight fast also have progressive stages to move to after the initial 'starvation' period.

Bad examples of sustainable diets are the Special K Diet and the 17 Day Diet. Both of these diets will show you how to lose weight in a week, but they're just not sustainable in the long term, not to mention the fact that they're terribly unhealthy plans to follow.

To Lose 20 Pounds

The best
diets that work fast for women will always include an exercise component.

The diet plans which don't include any exercise will not give you results anywhere nearly as fast as the programs with exercises.

Most of the top diets listed on our site include some type of exercise component, the exception to this rule is FatLoss4Idiots which is the quickest way to lose belly fat without exercise.

All diet plans essentially work on the same theory that you need to use up more energy than you put in. Most people looking to lose weight don't understand exactly how many calories they are consuming, because if they did they would realize that most of the time they're filling up the tank when it's already on full! If the car is full, any extra fuel that you put into it needs to be stored in petrol tanks in the trunk. Likewise, the extra food that you eat over and above what your body needs gets stored as fat in your own trunk!

For Women Over 40

women over 40 the diets that work fast are not the best choice. As your metabolism slows down it's important that your eating habits are already healthy and sustainable to give yourself a long and prosperous life. If you still need help and direction at this stage the best choices are the long term lifestyle diets such as the Diet Solution Program and the Fat Burning Furnace.

These programs aim to educate you on how to eat and why you should eat in a certain way. These types of diets always get better results than the quick fix fast weight loss type of plans, and for both men and women over 40 this is even more important.

For Women Over 50

Here's the reality check. If you're over 50,
you're not going to be able to lose much weight or change your body shape in any drastic way. The best you can hope to do is stay healthy and aim for slow gradual change. Don't get me wrong, you can still improve your fitness and lose a bit of weight. Just don't expect to be featured on any infomercials.

The main problem with people over 50 is not how to lose weight, in fact it's usually the opposite. Too many people in this age group go on the diets for quick weight loss and this is a dangerous mistake because as you get older your body is not as quick to respond to change. Your metabolism is slower so you'll rarely get any benefit from the initial stages of the diet.

It's best to move straight onto the maintenance part of the plan and stay there for good!