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How To Lose Weight Fast For Teenage Girls

If that gorgeous dress you bought isn't fitting quite right, and you are only weeks away from your big night, don't worry. You can slim down with a few simple tips - and without pills, fad diets, or crazy hours at the gym.

If you have a significant amount to lose in order to be in a safe weight range, we can help with that, too, making sure that you won't feel hungry and miserable the whole time. The most effective diet enhances your health, helping you lose weight the right way so you feel great.

In a Week

If you are like the rest of us,
when you look in the mirror all you see is face fat. Keep in mind that you are being much harder on yourself than anyone else is, you are focused on your imperfections and paying no attention to your beautiful features. Nonetheless, if you do need to get your weight down, you can do it with a few simple changes.

Doctors recommend one or two pounds of weight loss a week over time for the best results. You can jump start your program by incorporating these healthy diet alterations that will help you lose weight fast for the first week or two.

Cut out the chemicals - no artificial sweeteners, foods with preservatives, or caffeine. Cut out the sweets - for significant weight loss in the first couple of weeks, do away with all sugary foods. It's not forever, just while you get started. Replace with these delicious alternatives: Veggies - 4+ servings per day, fruit ? 3+ servings per day, whole grains - 4 servings per day, lean proteins and/or low-fat, dairy - 3 servings per day and good fats - 3 servings per day

Without Pills

You don't need pills, laxatives, or diet drinks to lose weight - healthy habits will keep you looking and feeling great while the pounds come off. Keep a food diary - write down every single thing you eat. It's easier to stay away from the snacks when you know it's going on paper. Make this extra powerful by promising your best friend you will show it to her every day.

Add in breakfast - studies show that the first meal truly is the most important of your day. Girls that eat breakfasts full of fruit, lean protein, and whole grains rather than skipping it altogether have better luck staying slender.

Without Exercise

Believe it or not you can lose weight without spending hours at the gym. You can eat most of the foods you enjoy by simply watching your portion sizes.

Dinner plates are enormous, tempting you to fill them up, and every restaurant offers several meals’ worth of food in a single order. Use this guide to eat appropriate amounts, and watch as you become thinner effortlessly.

Lean protein 3 ounces, the size of a deck of cards Pasta, Rice, other whole grains 1 cup, the size of a tennis ball Cheese 1 ounce, the size of four dice Butter 1 teaspoon, the size of one die.

For Free

Don't waste your money on expensive diet aids, which only work for a short time - if at all. Instead, simple substitutions and healthy new habits are a free and effective way to lose weight.

Do you know what contributes most to fat thighs and back fat? Soda and other sugary drinks. The high calories in these offer no nutritional value, and they add up incredibly quickly. One 20 ounce bottle of Coke has 243 calories. If you drink two bottles a day, you have consumed the same number of calories as an entire healthy meal.

Switch to water or seltzer flavored with a splash of fruit juice, and you'll see that you actually save money while losing weight fast. Remember, before starting any significant diet program, you must speak with your doctor to be sure you are making choices that are right for your body.