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How To Lose Thigh Fat

We all have areas on our body that cause us a lot of concern and insecurity. For some it’s the belly, for others there are those wobbly grandma arms, and then there are the thighs.

Perhaps living in the Victorian era wouldn't have been a problem for big thighs- showing a bit of wrist was scandalous enough. However, we live in a society where showing more is sexy, and for those of you who can't show as much as we'd like to, it's easy to get pretty down on ourselves. If the fat is something you want to target and get rid of, read on, my friend. There is hope.


right diet will do perhaps up to 80 or 90% of the job for you when you are trying to lose inner thigh wobble. Although a lot of women shy away from it, it is essential that you combine this with resistance training. Specific target exercises mixed with an overall active lifestyle and an appropriate diet will get you to where you want to be.


Maybe your wedding is just around the corner and you want that garter belt to look spectacular on your toned thighs when your husband pokes his head up your dress to retrieve it. Maybe you are getting ready for swimsuit season and that bikini just doesn't look right with that wobble. Or maybe you just want your thighs to stop touching.

Whatever the case, women tend to think that weights are just for men, but if you really want to target a certain part of your body, particularly the thighs, you need to cowgirl up and get lifting, because cardio alone will not cut it. Resistance training will help you build muscles faster, and as a result, burn fat faster. If you pick the correct exercises that will work your vital thigh muscle groups, like the quadriceps and abductor, you could discover a killer basic thigh fat burning combination that will help melt that thigh fat away.

There are a number of different exercises that will assist you in quickly burning away thigh fat and developing your thigh muscles.
Two of the best exercises for thigh reduction include step-ups and walking lunges. Walking lunges help to work your quadriceps. If you utilize this exercise regularly and correctly, you will notice your inner thighs beginning to tone. Another extremely effective exercise for shedding thigh fat is squats with weights. It’s not the easiest exercise, but you can find tutorials on just about any fitness website, or even YouTube.


It might surprise you ladies to hear that you’re not the only ones who want to change their thighs.
Men can also be insecure about that wobble, or the discomfort experienced when thighs rub together. Men should focus on the same exercises listed above, but might want to up the ante with the weights. Men, in general, can handle more resistance than women. Also, boys - don’t be afraid to try cycling. We know, those spandex outfits can be a bit too much information, but cycling is a great way to tone thigh muscles and therefore shrink the fat. And, an added bonus, cycling works the rest of your body, too! Women are also encouraged to try cycling.


In an age where so many people are trying fad diets, you must be wondering if there are any specific diets you should stick to in order to cut the fat on your thighs. It is suggested that a
diet high in fruits and vegetables and low on carbs can help, alongside the right workouts. Stay away from pasta's, juices, and sugary breakfast cereals, chips, cookies, cakes etc.

Good carbs include fruits, vegetables and raw nuts. So, decrease your calories consumed by 10% and improve the overall quality of your diet by simply eliminating modified carbohydrates, and you’ll be amazed to see how quickly you can burn away the inches from your thighs.

So, make sure you eat with a purpose and combine a healthy diet with the appropriate exercises and in no time, you’ll be wanting to show your thighs to strangers passing on the street. Well, maybe not, but you’ll be darn proud.

How To Lose Thigh Fat