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Hollywood Diet Reviews

Created by Jamie Kabler, the Hollywood diet is a type of fasting diet that relies heavily on a miracle juice manufactured by the company.

There are two general types of Hollywood diet namely the 48 Hour Miracle and the 24 Hour Miracle diet. These flavorful diet juices are made from a natural blend of botanical extracts and juices, fortified with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential oils to promote the body's optimum functioning.

You may have read plenty of Hollywood diet reviews online, coming from individuals in all walks of life. Is the Hollywood a scam? Or has it definitely proven its efficiency to dieters? The Hollywood 48 hour diet debuted in the market on 1997, and claims to have ten million users since then. Today, the company has expanded its product line to drink meal replacements and dietary supplements.

Hollywood Diet Reviews

According to many
Hollywood cookie diet reviews, the 48 hour miracle diet is the best so far. This orange colored drink is designed to function as a food replacement for a straight 48 hour time span. The dieters are initially instructed to shake the bottle well. Pour four ounces of the drink into a glass containing four ounces of water. This drink should be consumed within four hours. The Hollywood diet may work, but it will only last for a short period of time.

The diet is more of a detoxification drink and a juice fast instead of a diet plan. A person's total calorie intake drops from 2000 daily to only 400 calories daily. Whether you are on the 48 hour or 24 hour miracle diet, you are not allowed to eat anything while taking on the Hollywood diet.

24 Hour Miracle Diet

According to Hollywood diet reviews online, the 24 hour miracle diet is ideal for individuals who opt for a more rapid weight loss experience. The drink is ephedra-free and caffeine-free as well, but moderate exercise is required. But unfortunately, the Hollywood diet is not recommended for everyone, especially for individuals with underlying medical conditions.
Liquid fast may be too tough and dangerous for some individuals. And until now, there world has not seen any real proof that the drink speeds up the weight loss process or that the diet resulted to sustained weight loss. It is recommended that dieters regularly exercise while on this kind of diet. Dieters are also advised to refrain from smoking, eating and doing rigorous exercises while on this kind of diet.

48 Hr Miracle

Hollywood 48 Hour Diet is a miracle juice that is designed to cleanse your body for up to two days and lose up to ten pounds. The diet is created to give your body a break from consuming unhealthy fats and toxins. The 48 hour miracle diet is not intended to be a lifestyle changing diet plan. The system does not provide any lifestyle support like stress reduction strategies. The 30 day miracle diet is recommended by most diet gurus as it tends to be more of a lifestyle program for long term weight loss. The 48 hour miracle diet is not intended for breastfeeding women, for those who have diabetes or taking medications.

Does It Work?

Fasting or doing a liquid fast for a day or two has already been used in the past years for rapid weight loss, reducing fever and for detoxification. There are plenty of health care professionals who oppose this practice and believe that
the body is capable of detoxifying itself naturally, even without physical or chemical intervention. But despite of medical warnings, there are still a number of individuals who continue to employ this dieting technique for a number of reasons.

Overall, the 24 hour and 48 hour miracle Hollywood diet are NOT great diets for quick weight loss. Although most Hollywood diet reviews reveal remarkable weight loss results in just a matter of days, the pounds lost may just be water rather than actual fat. The Miracle diet appears like a fancy fruit juice supplemented with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It is possible that you will have the same results by drinking diluted fruit juice every day.