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Flat Belly Diet Reviews

If you are looking for the quickest way to lose belly fat, then no doubt you will be interested in reading Flat Belly Diet reviews. The Flat Belly Diet was written by 'Prevention' magazine and it comes with a book costing around $30.00 along with the option of also paying an on-line subscription. As a dietician and medical practitioner, it is my job to test and review diets. I tried the Fat Belly Diet for the full 32 days and this article will tell you what I found. But first,lets take a look at belly fat.

From the onset of my Flat Belly diet reviews and tests I could see that the diet was not just concerned about the excess fat around the belly, but also the really deep internal belly fat around our organs which the book says is the most stubborn of all.

This is known as visceral fat, and it creates inflammation causing diseases such as: heart disease, type two diabetes, cancers and high blood pressure. Even small amounts of excess belly fat can be dangerous, so in terms of Fat Belly Diet reviews, so far so good. However, if the Flat Belly Diet writers think their diet is the quickest way to lose belly fat - they are actually very wrong.

The problem with the Flat Belly Diet theory is that visceral (internal) fat is a lot easier to get rid of then its friend the subcutaneous (outer) fat.

Visceral fat is actually easy to lose without any changes in the diet. In fact, studies have shown a reduction in visceral fat just by doing moderate exercise. While working on my Flat Belly Diet Reviews, I also found research which shows that by increasing your activity level and decreasing your intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates you will lose visceral fat.

You should consume complex carbohydrates and lean meats, limit your intake of alcohol, and consume polyunsaturated and mono unsaturated fats in place of saturated and trans fats. Most good diets for quick weight loss will encourage fat consumption. Which brings me to the Flat Belly Diet Menu and mono unsaturated fats (MUFA).

Flat Belly Diet Menu

The first four days of the 32 day Flat Belly Diet Menu start with an
'Anti Bloat’ Jump start. This four day plan is to eliminate gas, heavy solids, and excess fluid. You are encouraged to eat a 1,200-calorie diet.

Foods you cannot eat on these days are: salt, excess carbs, raw bulky foods, gassy foods, chewing gum, fried foods, spicy foods, carbonated drinks, and alcohol, coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and acidic fruit juices. The rest of the flat belly diet menu is very simple - in fact simple enough to do yourself without buying the book.

It is very similar to the Mediterranean Diet and the Prasouda diet, in that you eat four small meals a day and that every meal should contain Mono unsaturated fats (MUFA). MUFA are easy to find and the Flat Belly Diet menu breaks then into five easy to follow categories. oils (canola, flaxseed, olive), nuts and seeds, olives, avocado and chocolate. Yes, their Flat Belly Diet menu lets you eat dark chocolate! Each meal can be no more than 400 calories - which does not add up to much food on the plate!

Flat belly diet reviews have said that the
Flat belly diet leaves you feeling hungry and I was hungry a lot too. The writers of the diet claim that the MUFAs will fill you up. Because of the interest in diets for quick weight loss and many claims about MUFAs aiding in this, many studies have been done on their effects on the body. Numerous studies have shown that MUFAs have no impact on satiety. A balanced 400 calorie meal with MUFAs or no MUFAs will leave the eater feeling unsatisfied.

Flat Belly Diet Recipes

Although the portions on the diet are small, the Flat belly Diet Recipes are varied and tasty. How can you go wrong with recipes which always include nuts and seeds, olives, avocado and even chocolate, all drizzled in healthy MUFA oils. Delicious.... but small.

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Does It Work?

Flat Belly Diet reviews prove that you
do lose weight on this diet. Of course you will, as the calorie count of 1200 a day is very low.

Promoters of the diet claim weight loss and inches from the waist. However, the book promotes itself on the reduction of dangerous visceral fat, yet these changes are not mentioned.

In summary, Flat Belly Diet reviews generally show good weight loss, healthier skin, but dieters are often hungry. This is because the calories on the diet are too low.

Good diets for quick weight loss should treat dieters as individuals. People of different weight, gender, metabolism and circumstance need different calorie intakes and even different combinations of foods.

There are better diets for the quickest ways to lose belly fat that the Flat Belly Diet.

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