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Diet Magic Reviews

Diet Magic Pills Review

As a dietician and medical professional I am always asked about
which diet pills to recommend and if I think it is ok to take diet pills.

Although Diet Magic markets itself as a dietary supplement, don't be fooled. If you put it in your mouth and it is said to help you lose weight, then you are taking a diet pill.

Firstly, Are the On-Line Diet Magic reviews really Reviews? Unlike genuine diet reviews, all of the reviews I found while searching the internet were sales pages cut and pasted from the Diet Magic sales sites.

If you want a genuine unbiased Diet magic review from a medical professional - then read on.

What Is In Diet Magic?

Diet magic contains phenyl ethylamine commonly known as PEA.

Studies have shown that phenyl ethylamine is effective in treating depression and by stimulating the release of dopamine, PEA reduces appetite while improving mood.

While the many Diet Magic reviews pages on the internet enjoy pointing out that the body produces PEA after exercise, I must point out that this is only after extreme exercise and I fail to see the relevance when promoting the pills.

Phenyl ethylamine's value as a weight loss supplement is not evident in any studies.

While the Diet magic reviews pages report that the chemical occurs naturally in chocolate, they don't tell you that it is also the brain altering ingredient in LSD and morphine. Not surprising the sales sites don't mention that!

Does Diet Magic Work?

If you look at all of the
sales pages masking themselves as Diet Magic reviews, you will see the same success stories every time.

David and Mari lost heaps and so did Caroline! But what they don't mention is what they were eating! How many calories were David Mari and Caroline eating? Were they exercising? Were they training for a marathon? Were they on the Special K Diet?

As I mentioned earlier, there are no official studies to show that Phenyl ethylamine aides in weight loss. If David, Mari and Caroline were only taking Diet Magic and lost all that weight - then it really must be amazing! But really? Don't get sucked in.

Is Diet Magic Unique?

No it’s not. The product Laso Slim is basically the same product.

The Real Diet Magic Review

may lose weight on a pill, but you won't be healthy. You will lose more weight on diets that really work which provide sensible food advice to boost your metabolism based on science and research. You also need an exercise plan which includes specific fat burning workouts. Because Diet magic does not meet any of our strict criteria, I cannot recommend it at all.

If you want to lose weight fast, and maintain your weight loss forever, then check out the top five on our top 10 list and don't waste your money on diet pills.