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Advocare Diet

Advocare Diet

If you are looking at purchasing the Advocare diet plan, then I suggest you
read this article first. As a dietician and nutritionist I always advise my clients to take a herbal supplement in order to ensure the body is gaining enough nutrients. The ingredients in the Advocare diet supplements are sound and of benefit to the body, but they are too expensive for what you get!

Diet Plan

The diet plan
starts with a 10 day detox while taking Advocare supplements. You are also encouraged to drink plenty of water and to eat a very healthy diet. You can also drink expensive Advocare fibre drinks. From here you are encouraged to continue the healthy eating and drinking regime for 24 days and longer. Simple?


There are quite a few flaws in this very simple diet and the
main flaw is the price! Why on earth would you want to spend upwards of $150.00 for less than a months worth of herbal supplements, because this is all you are getting!

On top of paying the price of the supplements, you then need to spend money on healthy, nutritious and low calorie foods. I have examined the suggested recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and these planners are no different to any other healthy eating plans. No different at all.

You would lose a lot of weight by solely using their recipe and food planner while exercising - without having to spend money on their expensive supplements.

Secondly - exercise is only mentioned when Advocare want to sell you their exercise supplement! If you are looking to pay money for a
diet plan to lose weight fast, make sure it also includes an exercise and lifestyle package. You WILL lose weight from reducing calories, but you will lose weight faster and gain lovely muscle mass only if you exercise.

Thirdly, be wary of diets for quick weight loss where evidence of multilevel marketing is clear. It only means that you are paying too much money for the products, because a whole heap of people are getting a cut.

Don't get sucked into thinking that because something is expensive, then it must be the best. In the case of Advocare, it is not. You can get a great multi vitamin off the shelf at your health food store, and then embark on an exciting diet of great food, lifestyle and exercise.

Does The Advocare Diet Work?

Save your money and use it to join a gym! If you want to find diets that work fast, ensure you look for one with no added costs. By this I mean, no additional costs to the food. Also look for a plan which includes an exercise programme aimed at different levels of fitness.

I always recommend people who want really to find the best diets to lose weight fast to look online for good e-books, as they often have forums for on-going support, are based on good sensible science, and some come with free trials and updates.